Bow Fishing Trips

BE WARNED!!! The sort of fishing we offer is EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE!!!

Since we offer a perfect combination of hunting and fishing, we promise you that our daytime

Bowfishing Charters will give any outdoorsman an experience that will leave him or her wanting

to go again. We use PSE bows that are top-of- the line, compound Bowfishing equipment with

AMS Bowfishing reels. We encourage shooters who have their own bows to bring them since

they will be more comfortable and accurate and comfortable shooting their own bows. Our bows

have a draw weight that maxes out at 40 lbs. We can modify the draw strength on the bows to

accommodate smaller shooters. Be aware, however, that reducing the draw weight will lessen the

arrows’ power to penetrate greater depths. We recommend that you bring some friends with you

on your charters to serve as backup shooters or as a camera crew.

Contact Captain Nick Kirby @ (850) 218-6827

Some types of fish are harvested by bow and arrow, but we more usually target Stingrays and

Cownose Rays. Other species that can be targeted are Mullet, Spadefish, and Cobias seasonally.

We highly recommend bringing a video camera since no one at home will believe your stories!

Contact Captain Nick Kirby @ (850) 218-6827

While certain species of fish can be harvested by bow and arrow we more commonly target stingrays and cownose rays. Other species that can be targeted are mullet, spadefish, seasonally cobias.  We also highly recommend bringing a video camera as no one back home will believe your stories.