What's Biting?

Sheepshead, Bull Redfish, Vermillion (mingo) Snapper, Triggerfish and Pompano.

Inshore Fishing Charters:

Our spring Sheepshead bite is going on right now and it’s hot! Sheepshead are a very hard-fighting fish that range from 3 to 8 lbs. Fishing is done with light tackle (8-12 lb class) and mostly around large structures. Sheepshead are an extremely powerful fish, but they can be caught by young anglers. They have an excellent flavor as well. Some Bull Redfish are being caught also, and with water temperatures rising, the bite will only get better. Pompano have started coming in, with the Spanish Mackerel right behind. Both Pompano and Spanish Mackerel are caught on light tackle (8-12 lb class) and are tasty fish.

Nearshore Gulf Fishing Charters:

​King Mackerels have arrived in full force. Caught on light tackle, King Mackerels can put up the fight of a lifetime since they show exciting agility and unbelievable bursts of speed. These fish are characteristically caught trolling live baits or lures. An average fish ranges from 6 to 15 lbs, but Smoker Kings are 40-50 lbs. We target these fish on our Near Shore Gulf Fishing Charters. They are delicious when dressed and cooked correctly. King Mackerel can be caught on light tackle.

King Mackerel caught on light tackle

Kid Fishing Trips:

Even though Spanish Mackerel are not known to be the toughest fighters, when paired with the right angler, these fish are guaranteed to prove a good time. As waters continue to warm up, Spanish Mackerel will overrun Destin. We can target these fish on our Inshore Fishing Charters, Near-Shore Gulf Fishing Charters, and Kid Charters. Spanish Mackerel are mostly 12″-18″ in length. They can be caught several at once with light-weight tackle. Bluefish and Ladyfish (Skipjack) are other species commonly caught while fishing for Spanish Mackerel and are the three major species we target in our Kid Fishing Charters. Bluefish range from 2-10 lbs and are very strong for their size. Ladyfish (Skipjack) range from 1-5 lbs and are highly athletic. Spanish Mackerel is a great eating fish, so these three species make for an energetic group for Kid Fishing Charters.

Speckled trout are probably one of the most beloved inshore fish we have the honor to do battle with. With trout ranging from 15″ to gators pushing 10 lbs, we target these fish on our Inshore Charters using light tackle (8-12 lb class) and fishing both artificial and live baits.

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